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the Word, Makers


Hackerspace, Makerspace

One Example, a contributor from pku

How they Running in Economic? the KickStarter

OpenSourceHardware, or should we say Hardware 2.0?

  • for Traditional Hardware Developper
    • 仅专注于在一个狭窄的领域取得尽可能优异的性能数值指标,并不关心技术实现对一般社会生活的影响;
    • 较多的使用孤立领域的技术方法,或者各发展一套手段重新实现;
  • for the Community of OpenSourceHardware
    • 关注技术创造所能带来的对一般日常生活的影响;
    • 不执着于超越性的技术努力,注重想法的成型与交付,注重平台与协作;

a personal history to makers community, OneKilogramElectronics

Makerspaces in China

these Operators

the big store in MakerCom, Seeedstudio

the Story of 3D printer

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